Elisabeth Mbeng
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           Email: lisbethrein099@gmail.com

           Phone: +86-186-231-52998

Current project:

vPolicies related to renewable energy 

vscale up renewable in transport

B.S in transport and logistics management, institute universitaire de la cote, 2016

Bio: during my undergraduate research I worked on the          improvement of performances of rubber tyre gantry crane   which is a mobile gantry crane used in intermodal operations of ground or stack containers, working in the transport sector and especially the port sector and seeing how operations     were carried daily and been aware of global warming and the amount of waste and carbon dioxide emitted in this sector    are the main reasons that pushed me to focus on renewable energy and to find ways to help this sector go green. I am       currently working on policies to easy the electrification of      rural areas and to scale up renewable in the transport             system.