Kevin Monthiego Horax
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          Phone: +6285645111123

Current project:

vThe utilization of human urine as reagent-solvent in the     synthesis process for preparing transition metal oxides/         hydroxide/selenides materials 

vThe optimization of pre-treatment process for biomass       resources

B. Eng in Chemical Engineering, Surabaya University, Indonesia, 2015

M.S in Clean Energy Science, Southwest University, China, 2019

Bio: At Southwest University, I was lucky to get a chance for       pursuing my Master degree and join Shujuan Bao group. During my Master research, I worked on fabricating graphene-like         activated carbon derived from rice straw and utilize human       urine as reagent-solvent for preparing transition metal oxides/  hydroxide/selenides materials. Those research experiences         inspired me to focus on the utilization of human/human              industrial wastes and biomass by-products becoming useful     materials. I have decided to apply for a Ph.D. degree to continuemy research, and becoming a researcher is my dream since I     was a child.