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A Ni/V based Noble-metal-free OER Catalyst is Explored for Efficient Water Splitting
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A Ni/V based noble-metal-free OER catalyst is explored for efficient water splitting

The development of noble-metal-free active oxygen evolution reaction (OER) catalysts for efficient water electrolysis is in high demand. Recently a novel self-supported hierarchical OER catalyst comprising vanadium oxide (VO/VO2) nanocrystals embedded in amorphous trinickel disulfide (Ni3S2) nanosheets grown on Ni foam (VOx/Ni3S2@NF, 2>x>1) is reported by Prof. Weihua Hu’s group. This VOx/Ni3S2@NF demonstrates excellent OER activity and durability in alkaline media. To achieve an OER current density of 100 mA cm-2, it requires an overpotential of only 358 mV (or 330 mV after 95% iR compensation), which is even much lower than that for commercial RuO2 catalysts (446 mV). Detailed investigation unveils that the excellent OER performance of VOx/Ni3S2@NF is tightly associated with its rationally combined chemical composition and hierarchical nanostructure; remarkably, the presence of vanadium oxide nanocrystals in the Ni3S2 nanosheets boosts the OER activity by strengthening the Ni–O bond. This work opens a new route to the rational synthesis of highly efficient OER electrocatalysts, and may help deepen our understanding of the OER process catalyzed by non-precious metal-based hybrid electrocatalysts.


The work was published by Journal of Material Chemistry A 2019,7,10534-10542. DOI: 10.1039/C8TA12483C