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Young and Vibrant as a Family Member of SME without Farewell
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Young and Vibrant as a Family Member of SME without Farewell

   ---- Commencement of the Grade 2015 Graduates

Entertained by the fragrance of mangnolia tree, we have stood in the symbolic shadow of it for like a couple of years. Yet the final time has already come without our noticing it.  In the afternoon of June 24th , the commencement for the students of grade 2015 was held at the Second Students Activity Center. The presented were below: Yangjin, the secretary of the Party Committee of SME; professor Zhiqian Chen, the Dean of SME, vice dean Maowen Xu and Nanpu Cheng all the members of the academic committee, all the representatives of the faculty staff, all the grade councilors, all the parent representatives and the graduates of grade 2015.


   When she was asked for a speech, the representative of the outstanding graduates, Yuhan Zhong quoted from A General Reflection for Political Administration, that “virtue, which seems to aid the talent, somehow governs it”. Graduates were called for to stay kind, sincere, passionate and brave after they left the school as how they had acted upon this campus. Still, other graduates extended their heartfelt thanks to all the teachers, friends and families who had accommodated them when they were in need during the four years.


    Finally, Dean Chen spoke of the new identity of those graduates and as far as we knew, their names would be put into the alumni record from then on. He was hopeful that the graduates would enrich themselves with knowledge to be noble-minded. Furthermore, they should abide by the laws and regulations of our country to stay away from aberrance. Last but not the least, they needed to believe in the community to overcome all the obstacles when in trouble, which should not keep us from pursuing a poetic life and an ideal world.