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Entrance Requirement

1. Strict research integrity shall be adhered to;

2. Sound physical conditions for postdoctoral research position shall be required;

3. It is supposed to have received a doctoral degree before application;

4. In general, the age limit is under 35 years old. For those nevertheless who meet one of the following requirements, it may be extended to 38 in natural science:

(1) the obtainment of first-class scholarship, president scholarship or other scholarships of equivalent level during their doctoral study;

(2) hosting research projects as Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-PI;

(3) academic achievements and awards at the provincial level or above;

(4) PhD degree obtained from world-famous universities;

(5) the prowess of doing major projects undertaken by the postdoctoral mentors at SWU.

5. Applications of those with doctoral degrees from Chinese universities will be evaluated and reported twice a year, in June and December respectively. The evaluating and reporting of the applications of those with overseas doctorates will be scheduled according to the number of applicants.

Administration Requirement

1. Postdoctoral fellows shall be employed at the postdoctoral research center for 2 to 3 years. At the expiration of the term of employment, as the project and research work may require, the appointment may be extended by one year upon approval. The appointment period of those who undertake major projects may, upon approval, be extended to no longer than six years.

2.  Postdoctoral fellows shall sign an employment agreement (or a work contract) with SWU upon entering the postdoctoral center with specific description of the rights and obligations of both parties and other relevant issues.

3.  Postdoctoral fellows shall submit a research proposal for reviewing. The proposal, upon the approval of the director of the postdoctoral center, shall be submitted to the postdoctoral administrative office for record.

4. One year after the fellow’s entrance, the postdoctoral center will organize a committee to carry out mid-term examination of the postdoctoral fellows’ research. The examination will be recorded in a form and reported to the postdoctoral administrative office for record. In the extended period, an examination will be carried out and reported annually.

5. If the research requires, postdoctoral fellows may participate in international academic exchanges abroad and submit their applications for approval in accordance with the regulations.

6. The exit criteria for postdoctoral fellows include three classes (I, II and III). Detailed descriptions are given in the Exit Criteria for Postdoctoral Fellows at Southwest University. Fellows meeting the criteria after two-year work at the postdoctoral center may apply to exit from the center.

7. Postdoctoral fellows may exit from the postdoctoral center if they have accomplished required research achievements in the research fields they applied for and unanimously approved by the panel of experts.

8. Fellows who are under any of the following circumstances will be terminated and will have to return their living allowances:

(1) failing to obtain a state-recognized doctoral degree within half a year after entering the postdoctoral center;

(2) providing false information in application;

(3) failing the mid-term, annual or exit examination;

(4) serious violation of academic integrity;

(5) subjection to criminal punishment;

(6) violation of the rules and regulations of SWU and the postdoctoral center, which requires the termination of the employment agreement (or work contract);

(7) absence from work positions for 15 consecutive working days or for a total of more than 30 working days a year;

(8) failing to complete the research;

(9) failing to return to the work position more than 30 days after the deadline of returning from abroad without justified reasons;

(10) failing to exit from the postdoctoral center or apply for extension without justified reasons after the employment agreement (or work contract) expires;

(11) other cases when termination is applicable.