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1Enhancing   the age-hardening response of rolled AZ80 alloy by pre-twinning deformationMaterials   Science and Engineering: ASCI二区宋波2017-01
2Rapidly   cell-penetrating and reductive milieu-responsive nanoaggregates assembled   from amphiphilic folate-camptothecin prodrug for enhanced drug delivery and   controlled releaseBIOMATER   SCI-UKSCI二区许志刚2017-01
3Porous   Prussian Blue Nanocubes as Photothermal Ablation Agents for Efficient Cancer   TherapyJ   NANOSCI NANOTECHNOSCI三区薛鹏2017-01
4Activations   of stacking faults in the calcium-containing magnesium alloys under   compressionJournal   Alloys and CompoundsSCI一区宋波2017-01
5On   the microstructure and mechanical property of as-extruded Mg-Gd-Y-Zn alloy   with Sr additionMaterials   Science and Engineering: ASCI二区宋波2017-01
6Aptamer-tagged   DNA origami for spatially addressable detection of aflatoxin B1Chemical   CommunicationsSCI一区鲁志松2017-01
7Investigation   of K3V2(PO4)3/C nanocomposites as high-potential cathode materials for   potassium ion batteriesCHEM   COMMUNSCI一区徐茂文2017-01
8Dielectric   and piezoelectric properties of (1 2 x)Ba0.67Sr0.33TiO3   -xBa0.9Ca0.1Ti0.9Zr0.1O3 ceramicsJournal   of Sol-Gel Science and TechnologySCI三区徐尊平2017-01
9Dual   Ligands-Capped Gold Nanorod as a Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance   Transducer for Label-Free Detection of O-GlcNAcylated ProteinsJournal   of Nanoscience and NanotechnologySCI三区刘英帅2017-01
10Nanoparticle-mediated   co-delivery of chemotherapeutic agent and siRNA for combination cancer   therapyEXPERT   OPIN DRUG DELSCI二区肖波2017-01
11Nanostructured   cobalt phosphates as excellent biomimetic enzymes to sensitively detect   superoxide anions released from living cellsBIOSENS   BIOELECTRONICSSCI一区包淑娟2017-01
12Bimodal   plate structures induced by pulsed laser in duplex-phase Zr alloyScience   China Technological ScienceSCI三区郭宁2017-01
13Soft-   to network hard-material for constructing both ion- and electron-conductive   hierarchical porous structure to significantly boost energy density of a   supercapacitorJournal   of Colloid and Interface ScienceSCI一区李长明2017-01
14Biomass-derived   synthesis of nitrogen and phosphorus Co-doped mesoporous carbon spheres as   catalysts for oxygen reduction reactionJ   SOLID STATE ELECTRSCI二区包淑娟2017-01
15Crystallization  process of perovskite modified by adding   lead acetate in precursor solution for better morphology and higher device   efficiencyorgainc   electronicsSCI二区宋群梁2017-01
16Effects   of Er/Sr/Cu additions on the microstructure and mechanical properties of   Al-Mg alloy during hot extrusionJournal   of alloys and compoundsSCI二区蒋显全2017-01
17Synthesis   of Cobalt Phosphide Nanoparticles Supported on Pristine Graphene by   Dynamically Self-Assembled Graphene Quantum Dots for Hydrogen EvolutionCHEMSUSCHEMSCI一区袁伟永2017-01
18Lithium-modified   (K0.5Na0.5)NbO3–BiAlO3 lead-free piezoelectric ceramics with high Curie   temperatureCERAM   INTSCI一区陈异2017-01
19Ionic   Liquids-Based Iron Phosphide/Carbon Nanotubes Composites: High Active   Electrocatalysts towards Hydrogen Evolution ReactionChemistrySelectSCI四区李天浩2017-01
20One-pot   synthesis of nitrogen and sulfur co-doped carbon dots and its application for   sensor and multicolor cellular imagingJournal   of Colloid and Interface ScienceSCI二区陈久存2017-01
21Bi-functional   ferroelectric BiFeO3 passivated BiVO4 photoanode for efficient and stable   solar water oxidationNano   energySCI一区李长明2017-01
22Enhanced   dielectric properties of Zn and Mn co-doped CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramicsJournal   of Materials Sciences-Materials in ElectronicsSCI二区徐尊平2017-01
24Al–9.00   %Si–0.25 %Mg alloys modified by ytterbiumRARE   METALSSCI四区于文斌2017-02
25Flexible   Paper Sensor Fabricated via in situ Growth of Cu Nanoflower on RGO Sheets   Towards Amperometrically Non-enzymatic Detection of Glucosesensors   and actuators B:chemicalSCI二区王斌2017-02
26A   novel colorimetric immunoassay strategy using iron(III) oxide magnetic   nanoparticles as a label for signal generation and amplificationJournal   of Materials Chemistry BSCI一区刘英帅2017-02
27Disassembly   of amphiphilic small molecular prodrug with fluorescence switch induced by pH   and folic acid receptors for targeted delivery and controlled releaseCOLLOID   SURFACE BSCI二区许志刚2017-02
28High   Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells Based on New TPE Compounds as Hole   Transport Materials: Role of 2,7- and 3,6-substituted Carbazole DerivativesChemistry-A   European JournalSCI二区朱琳娜2017-02
29Confined   selenium within metal-organic frameworks derived porous carbon microcubes as   cathode for rechargeable lithiumeselenium batteriesJ   POWER SOURCESSCI一区徐茂文2017-02
30LiNi0.5Mn0.5O2   hierarchical nanorods as high-capacity cathode materials for Li-ion batteriesJournal   of Alloys and CompoundsSCI一区杨进刚2017-02
31Fabrication   of WS2-nanoflowers@rGO composite as an anode material for enhanced electrode   performance in lithium-ion batteriesJ   COLLOID INTERF SCISCI二区徐茂文2017-02
32A   unified constitutive model for creep and cyclic viscoplasticity behavior   simulation of steels based on the absolute reation rate theoryAdvances   in Materials Science and EngineeringSCI四区王放2017-02
33Controlled   synthesis of Mn 3 (PO 4 ) 2 hollow spheres as biomimetic enzymes for   selective detection of superoxide anions released by living cellsMicrochim   ActaSCI二区包淑娟2017-02
34Phase   transitions of doped carbon in CrCN coatings with modified mechanical and   tribological properties via filtered cathodic vacuum arc depositionnuclear   instruments and methods in physics reseach BSCI三区覃礼钊2017-02
35Facile   synthesis of CuS nanostructured flowers and their visible light   photocatalytic propertiesAPPL   PHYS A-MATERSCI三区李元2017-02
36Self-Assembled   Flower–like ZnMoO4/Graphene Composite    Materials as Anode in Lithium-Ion BatterieschemistryselectSCI四区唐梅2017-02
37Synthesis,   stability, and intrinsic photocatalytic properties of vanadium diselenideJournal   of materials chemistry ASCI一区林华2017-02
38Morphological   evolution of Ge islands on the Si(100) surface: from huts to pitsSurface   and Interface analysisSCI四区张永平2017-02
39Hydrothermal   synthesized urchin-like nickel-cobalt carbonate hollow spheres for sensitive   amperometric detection of nitriteJournal   of Alloys and CompoundsSCI一区聂明2017-03
40pH-responsive   polymeric micelles based on poly (ethyleneglycol)-b-poly   (2-(diisopropylamino) ethyl methacrylate) block copolymer for enhanced   intracellular release of anticancer drugsJ   COLLOID INTERF SCISCI二区许志刚2017-03
41Fast   preparation of compact and stable perovskite films derived from PbCl2 and   Pb(Ac)2·3H2O mixed-lead-halide precursorsSolar   Energy Materials & Solar CellsSCI一区朱琳娜2017-03
42Evolution   of gradient microstructure in an extruded AZ31 rod during torsion and   annealing and its effects on mechanical propertiesMaterials   Science and Engineering: ASCI二区宋波2017-03
43Improving   Tensile and Compressive Properties of an Extruded AZ91 Rod by the Combined   Use of Torsion Deformation and Aging TreatmentMATERIALSSCI二区宋波2017-03
44Nanotherapeutics   for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseaseExpert   Review of Gastroenterology & HepatologySCI三区肖波2017-03
45Low-frequency   ultrasound may improve drug penetration in colonic mucosaTranslational   Cancer ResearchSCI四区肖波2017-03
46Enhanced   electrocaloric effect in Mn + Y co-doped BST ceramics near room temperatureMaterials   LettersSCI二区徐尊平2017-03
47Effects   of tripolyphosphate on cellular uptake and RNA interference efficiency of   chitosan-based nanoparticles in Raw 264.7 macrophagesJournal   of Colloid and Interface ScienceSCI二区肖波2017-03
48Uniform   implantation of CNTs on total activated carbon surfaces: a smart engineering   protocol for commercial supercapacitor applicationsNANOTECHNOLOGYSCI二区蒋建2017-03
49An   antimicrobial peptide with an aggregation-induced emission (AIE) luminogen   for studying bacterial membrane interactions and antibacterial actionsCHEM   COMMUNSCI一区徐立群2017-03
50In   Situ Investigation of Electrochemically Mediated Surface-Initiated Atom   Transfer Radical Polymerization by Electrochemical Surface Plasmon ResonanceANAL   CHEMSCI一区胡卫华2017-03
51Facile   Synthesis of N, B-Doped Carbon Dots and Their Application for Multisensor and   Cellular ImagingIndustrial   and Engineering Chemistry ResearchSCI二区陈久存2017-03
52New   Green Soft Chemistry Route to Ag-Cu Bimetallic NanomaterialsInternational   Journal of Electrochemical ScienceSCI三区李庆2017-03
53Molecular   engineering to enhance perovskite solar cell performance: Incorporation of   benzothiadiazole as core unit for low cost hole transport materialsDYES   PIGMENTSSCI一区朱琳娜2017-04
54A   concentration−dependent multicolor conversion strategy for ultrasensitive   colorimetric immunoassay with the naked eyeAnalytica   Chimica ActaSCI一区刘英帅2017-04
55Controlled   synthesis of Mn-3(PO4)(2) hollow spheres as biomimetic enzymes for selective   detection of superoxide anions released by living cellsMICROCHIM   ACTASCI二区包淑娟2017-04
56A   3D bio-platform constructed by glucose oxidase adsorbed on Au  nanoparticles assembled polyaniline   nanowires to sensitively detect    glucose by electrochemiluminescenceJournal   of Electroanalytical ChemistrySCI二区李长明2017-04
57Electrospun   graphene-wrapped Na6.24Fe4.88(P2O7)4nanofibers as a high-performance cathode   forsodium-ion batteriesPHYS   CHEM CHEM PHYSSCI二区徐茂文2017-04
58Microstructure   and enhanced dielectric properties of yttrium and zirconium co-doped   CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramicsMaterials   Chemistry and PhysicsSCI二区徐尊平2017-04
59Mechanism   for bipolar resistive switching memory behaviors of  a self-assembled three-dimensional MoS2   microphere composed active layerJournal   of applied physicsSCI三区宋群梁2017-04
60Tea   Stains-Inspired Antifouling Coatings Based on Tannic Acid-Functionalized   AgaroseACS   SUSTAIN CHEM ENGSCI一区徐立群2017-04
61Deformation   Modes and Anisotropy of Anti-Perovskite Ti3AN (A = Al, In and Tl) from   First-Principle CalculationsMATERIALSSCI二区陈志谦2017-04
62Bifunctional   polydopamine thin film coated zinc oxide nanorods for label-free   photoelectrochemical immunoassay.TALANTASCI二区胡卫华2017-04
63Involvement   of ROS in nanosilver-caused suppression of aflatoxin production from   Aspergillus flavusRSC   AdvancesSCI三区鲁志松2017-04
64Effect   of B on glass forming ability and thermal behavior of FePC-based bulk   metallic glassesJ   IRON STEEL RES INTSCI四区郭胜锋2017-04
65αβ Transformation characteristics   revealed by pulsed laser-induced non-equilibrium microstructures in   duplex-phase Zr alloyScience   China Technological SciencesSCI三区宋波2017-04
66Controlled   self-assembly of Ni foam supported poly(ethyleneimine)/reduced graphene oxide   three-dimensional composite electrodes with remarkable synergistic effects   for efficient oxygen evolutionJ   MATER EHEM ASCI一区袁伟永2017-05
67In   Situ Engineering Toward Core Regions: A Smart Way to Make Applicable   FeF3@Carbon Nanoreactor Cathodes for Li-Ion BatteriesACS   APPL MATER INTERSCI一区蒋建2017-05
68Impact   of phase transition sequence on the electrocaloric effect in   Pb(Nb,Zr,Sn,Ti)O3 ceramicsApplied   Physics LettersSCI二区徐尊平2017-05
69Lanthanide   ions-induced formation of hierarchical and transparent polysaccharide hybrid   filmsCARBOHYD   POLYMSCI二区徐立群2017-05
70One-pot   synthesis of Co/N-doped mesoporous graphene with embedded Co/CoOx   nanoparticles for efficient oxygen reduction reactionNANOSCALESCI一区胡卫华2017-05
71Study   on the Influence of Extrusion Temperature and Extrusion Die on the Properties   of Self-Reinforced PP Sheetsinternational   polymer processingSCI四区杜维唯2017-05
72High-yield   and Eco-Friendly Fabrication of Ultra-Long (NH4)(2)V6O16 center dot 1.5H(2)O   Nanowires and Their Electrochemistry PerformancesInternational   Journal of Electrochemical ScienceSCI三区李庆2017-05
73Oral   delivery of curcumin via porous polymeric nanoparticles for effective   ulcerative colitis therapyJournal   of Materials Chemistry BSCI一区肖波2017-05
75One-step   Solvothermal Synthesis of Two-dimensional Ultrathin Na3[Ti2P2O10F] Nanosheets   for Lithium/Sodium StorageELECTROCHIM   ACTASCI一区徐茂文2017-06
76Gemcitabine-Camptothecin   Conjugates: a Hybrid Prodrug for Controlled Drug Release and Synergistic   TherapeuticBIOMATER   SCI-UKSCI二区许志刚2017-06
77Efficient   Production of Coaxial Core−Shell MnO@Carbon Nanopipes for Sustainable   Electrochemical Energy Storage ApplicationsACS   SUSTAIN CHEM ENGSCI一区蒋建2017-06
78Se-Ni(OH)2-shelled   vertically oriented NiSe nanowires as a superior electrocatalyst toward urea   oxidation reaction of fuel cellsElectrochimica   ActaSCI一区李长明2017-06
79Multifunctional   polymeric micelles loaded with doxorubicin and   poly(dithienyl-diketopyrrolopyrrole) for near-infrared light-controlled   chemo-phototherapy of cancer cellsCOLLOID   SURFACE BSCI二区刘辉2017-06
80Improved   cycle capability of Titanium-doped Fe2O3 anode material for Li-ion batteriesjournal   of alloys and compoundsSCI一区杨进刚2017-06
81Increasing   bacterial affinity and cytocompatibility with four-arm star glycopolymers and   antimicrobial alpha-polylysinePOLYM   CHEM-UKSCI一区徐立群2017-06
82Multi-responsive   fluorescence sensing based on adonor-acceptor-donor molecule for highly   sensitive detection of water and cyanideSensors   and Actuators B-ChemicalSCI一区许志刚2017-06
83Microstructure   Evolution of the Mg-5.8 Zn-0.5 Zr-1.0 Yb Alloy During HomogenizationMATER   RES-IBERO-AM JSCI四区李路2017-06
84Cobalt   nanoparticle decorated graphene aerogel for efficient oxygen reduction   reaction electrocatalysis.INT   J HYDRO ENERGYSCI二区胡卫华2017-06
85Surfactant-assisted   fabrication of PbS nanorice at low temperature in aqueous solutionAPPL   PHYS A-MATERSCI三区李庆2017-06
86Design   and fabrication of highly sensitive and stable biochip for glucose biosensingAppied   Surface ScienceSCI一区包淑娟2017-06
87Ternary   NixCo3-xS4 with a Fine Hollow Nanostructure as Robust Electrocatalyst for   Hydrogen EvolutionChemCatChemSCI二区包淑娟2017-06
88Flexible   and wearable electronic silk fabrics for human physiological monitoringSmart   Materials and structuresSCI二区鲁志松2017-06
89A   novel retractable spring-like-electrode triboelectric nanogenerator with   highly-effective energy harvesting and conversion for sensing road conditionsRSC   Adv.SCI三区宋群梁2017-07
90Orally   Targeted Delivery of Tripeptide KPV via Hyaluronic Acid-Functionalized   Nanoparticles Efficiently Alleviates Ulcerative ColitisMOLECULAR   THERAPYSCI一区肖波2017-07
91Rib-like   hierarchical porous carbon as reservoir for long-life and high-rate Li-Te   batteriesELECTROCHIM   ACTASCI一区徐茂文2017-07
92Hollow   Co3O4 Nanocages Decorated Graphene Aerogels Derived from Carbon Wrapped   Nano-Co for Efficient Oxygen Reduction ReactionchemistryselectSCI四区包淑娟2017-07
93A   fluorescence aptasensor based on semiconductor quantum dots and MoS2   nanosheets for ochratoxin A detectionSensors   and Actuators B: ChemicalSCI一区鲁志松2017-07
94Annealing   behavior of gradient structured copper and its effect on mechanical   propertiesMAT   SCI ENG A-STRUCTSCI二区郭宁2017-07
95Precise   preparation of layered Na0.5Ni0.25Mn0.75O2 micro-sheets for 3.8 V Na-ion   batteriesChemical   communicationsSCI一区杨进刚2017-07
96Gelation-induced   emission enhancement in a ‘‘butterfly”-shaped p-conjugated organogelator and   its reversible response to acid/baseTETRAHEDRON   LETTSCI三区朱琳娜2017-07
97Replacement   of Biphenyl by Bipyridine Enabling Powerful Hole Transport Materials for   Efficient Perovskite Solar CellsCHEMSUSCHEMSCI一区朱琳娜2017-07
98Tension-compression   asymmetry of a rolled Mg-Y-Nd alloyMetals   and Materials InternationalSCI三区宋波2017-07
99Fluorine-substituted   benzothiadiazole-based hole transport materials for highly efficient planar   perovskite solar cells with a FF exceeding 80%CHEM   COMMUNSCI一区朱琳娜2017-07
100Prediction   of the lowest charge-transfer excited-state energy at the donor–acceptor   interface in a condensed phase using ground-state DFT calculations with   generalized Kohn–Sham functionalsjournal   of molecular modelingSCI四区郑绍辉2017-07
101Facile   synthesis of mesoporous Co3O4 nanowires for application in supercapacitorsJOURNAL   OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN ELECTRONICSSCI三区李庆2017-07
102Porous   carbon derived from Sunflower as a host matrix for ultra-stable   lithium–selenium batteryJournal   of Colloid and Interface ScienceSCI二区徐茂文2017-07
103Design,   synthesis and photodegradation ammonia properties of MoS 2 @TiO 2   encapsulated carbon coaxial nanobeltsMaterials   LettersSCI二区包淑娟2017-07
104Facile   synthesis of a two-tier hierarchical structured   superhydrophobic-superoleophilic melamine sponge for rapid and efficient   oil/waterJournal   of Colloid and Interface ScienceSCI二区陈久存2017-07
105iRGD-functionalized   PEGylated nanoparticles for enhanced colon tumor accumulation and targeted   drug deliveryNanomedicineSCI一区肖波2017-07
106Convenient   synthesis of peony-like FeWO4 with super adsorbent properties for efficient   degradation of organic dyeMaterials   Research ExpressSCI三区李庆2017-07
107材料表征教学改革研究西南师范大学学报. 自然科学版李天浩2017-07
108Redefining   Chinese calligraphy rice paper: an economical and cytocompatible substrate   for cell biological assaysRSC   ADVSCI二区余玲2017-08
109The   interface degradation of planar organic-inorganic perovskite solar cell   traced by light beam induced current (LBIC)RSC  AdvancesSCI三区宋群梁2017-08
110Preparation   of mechanically-tough and thermo-responsive polyurethanepoly(ethylene glycol)   hydrogelsREACT   FUNCT POLYMSCI二区徐立群2017-08
111A   high active hydrogen evolution reaction electrocatalyst from ionic   liquids-originated cobalt phosphide/carbon nanotubesINT   J HYDROGEN ENERGSCI二区李天浩2017-08
112Polydopamine   thin film-assisted patterned chemical bath deposition of ZnO nanorods on   arbitrary substratesCRYSTENGCOMMSCI二区胡卫华2017-08
113An   Investigation of Dielectric, Piezoelectric Properties and Microstructures of   Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-BaTiO3-Bi0.5K0.5TiO3 Lead-Free Piezoelectric Ceramics Doped   with K2AlNbO5 CompoundJournal   of Electronic materialsSCI三区刘岗2017-08
114An   investigation of dielectric, piezoelectric properties and microstructure of   Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-BaTiO3-Bi0.5k0.5TiO3 lead free piezoelectric ceramics doped   with k2AlNbO5 compoundJournal   of Electonic MaterialsSCI三区刘岗2017-08
115Ultrafine   TiO 2 encapsulated in nitrogen-doped porous carbon framework for   photocatalytic degradation of ammonia gasChemical   Engineering JournalSCI一区包淑娟2017-08
116An   Investigation of Dielectric, Piezoelectric Properties and Microstructures of   Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-BaTiO3-Bi0.5K0.5TiO3 Lead Free Piezoelectric Ceramics Doped   with K2AlNbO5 CompoundJournal   of electronic materialsSCI三区刘岗2017-08
117Ascorbic   acid-tailored synthesis of carbon-wrapped nanocobalt encapsulated in graphene   aerogel as electrocatalysts for highly effective oxygen-reduction reactionJournal   of Solid State ElectrochemistrySCI二区包淑娟2017-08
120pH-responsive   unimolecular micelles based on amphiphilic star-like copolymer with high drug   loading for effective drug delivery and cellular imagingJournal   of Materials Chemistry BSCI一区许志刚2017-09
121Surface   Modification of Poly(dimethylsiloxane) with Polydopamine and Hyaluronic Acid   To Enhance Hemocompatibility for Potential Applications in Medical Implants   or DevicesACS   APPL MATER INTERSCI一区薛鹏2017-09
122Efficient   in situ growth of enzyme-inorganic hybrids on paper strips for the visual   detection of glucoseBIOSENS   BIOELECTRONSCI一区余玲2017-09
123Synthesis   of catalytically active multielement-doped carbon dots and application for   colorimetric detection of glucoseSensors   and Actuators B: ChemicalSCI一区王斌2017-09
124Effects   of Bi0.5Na0.5HfO3 addition on the phase structure and piezoelectric   properties of (K, Na)NbO3-based ceramicsJ   AM CERAM SOCSCI一区陈异2017-09
125Piezoelectric   and dielectric properties of lead-free   0.96(K0.48Na0.535)0.96Li0.04Nb1-xSbxO3-0.04CaZrO3 ceramics with   rhombohedral–orthorhombic phase boundaryFERROELECTRICSSCI四区陈异2017-09
126Study   on optical properties and upconversion luminescence of Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped   tellurite glass for highly sensitive temperature measuringOptical   Materials ExpressSCI二区唐剑锋2017-09
127Fe/Fe3C   nanoparticles loaded on Fe/N-doped graphene as an efficient heterogeneous   Fenton catalyst for degradation of organic pollutants.COLLOID   SURFACE ASCI二区胡卫华2017-09
128Fast   and low-cost patterning of electrodes on versatile 2D and 3D substrate by   cutting and origami cohesive thermoplastic for biosensing applicationSensors   and Actuators B-ChemicalSCI一区余玲2017-09
129An   ultrasensitive colorimetric immunoassay based on glucose oxidase catalyzed   cascade formation of blue-black iodine-starch complexSensors   and Actuators B-ChemicalSCI一区刘英帅2017-09
130Assembling   Hollow Cobalt Sulfide Nanocages Array on Graphene-like Manganese Dioxide   Nanosheets for Superior Electrochemical CapacitorsACS   Applied Materials & InterfacesSCI一区包淑娟2017-09
131Hydrogen-peroxide-modified   egg albumen for transparent and flexible resistive switching memorynanotechnologySCI二区宋群梁2017-09
132Cobalt   and sulfur co-doped TiO<inf>2</inf>nanostructures with enhanced   photo-response properties for photocatalystfunctional   materials lettersSCI四区聂朝胤2017-09
133The   evolution of alpha-MnO2 from hollow cubes to hollow spheres and their   electrochemical performance for supercapacitorsJournal   of Materials ScienceSCI二区李庆2017-09
135Inkjet-Printed   Planar Biochips for Interfacial Detection of Biomolecularsadvanced   materials interfacesSCI二区王斌2017-10
136Rapid   Synthesis of ZIF-8 Nanocrystals for Electrochemical Detection of DopamineJournal   of The Electrochemical SocietySCI二区聂明2017-10
137Biofilm   promoted current generation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa microbial fuel cell via   improving the interfacial redox reaction of phenazinesBIOELECTROCHEMISTRYSCI二区乔琰2017-10
138Molecular   dynamics modeling of the effect of nanotwins on the superelasticity of   single-crystalline NiTi alloysAdvances   in Materials Science and EngineeringSCI四区王放2017-10
139Microstructure   evolution during continuous cooling in AISI 5140 steel processed by induction   heating chromizingJ   MATER ENG PERFORMSCI四区郭宁2017-10
140Interfacial   Separation-Enabled All-Dry Approach for Simultaneous Visualization, Transfer   and Enhanced Raman Analysis of Latent FingerprintsACS   APPL MATER INTERSCI一区胡卫华2017-10
141Diethylenetriamine-mediated   self-assembly of three-dimensional hierarchical nanoporous CoP   nanoflowers/pristine graphene interconnected networks as efficient   electrocatalysts toward hydrogen evolutionSustainable   Energy and Fuels袁伟永2017-10
142Iodine-Doped   Graphene with Opportune Interlayer Spacing as Superior Anode Materials for   High-Performance Lithium-Ion BatteriesChemistrySelectSCI四区徐茂文2017-10
143Uniform   α-Ni(OH) 2 hollow spheres constructed from ultrathin nanosheets  as efficient polysulfide mediator for   long-term lithium-sulfur batteriesEnergy   Storage Materials徐茂文2017-10
144Hydrothermally   hollow SnO2 microspheres as sodium ion battery anode with high capacity and   superior stabilitymicro   & nano lettersSCI三区何洪2017-10
145Metallic   Fe nanoparticles trapped in self-adapting nanoreactors: a novel high-capacity   anode for aqueous Ni–Fe batteriesChemical   CommunicationsSCI一区蒋建2017-10
146Investigation   of Fe 2 N@carbon encapsulated in N-doped graphene-like carbon as a catalyst   in sustainable zinc–air batteriesCatalysis   Science & TechnologySCI二区包淑娟2017-10
147Graphitic   carbon nitride with S and O codoping for enhanced visible light   photocatalytic performanceRSC   AdvancesSCI二区张永平2017-10
148MoO2   nanosheets embedded in amorphous carbon matrix for sodium-ion batteriesRoyal   society open scienceSCI二区何洪2017-10
149Design   and synthesis of Co–N–C porous catalyst derived from metal organic complexes   for highly effective ORRDalton   TransactionsSCI一区包淑娟2017-10
150Effects   of Cryogenic Treatment on Interface Structure and Bonding Strength of GLC   Multilayer Films中国表面工程聂朝胤2017-10
151Structure   Optimization and Basic Grinding Performance of Nickel-Diamond Composite   Coating材料导报聂朝胤2017-10
152Highly   cell-penetrating and ultra-pH-responsive nanoplatform for controlled drug   release and enhanced tumor therapyCOLLOID   SURFACE BSCI二区许志刚2017-11
153Acid-activatable   theranostic unimolecular micelles composed of amphiphilic star-like polymeric   prodrug with high drug loading for enhanced cancer therapyMOL   PHARMACEUTSCI二区许志刚2017-11
154Statistical   Analysis on the Mechanical Properties of Magnesium AlloysMATERIALSSCI二区郭胜锋2017-11
155Influence   of torsion route on the microstructure and mechanical properties of extruded   AZ31 rodsAdvanced   Engineering MaterialsSCI三区宋波2017-11
156Tailoring   the Microstructure and Mechanical Property of AZ80 Alloys by Multiple   Twinning and AgingAdvanced   Engineering MaterialsSCI三区宋波2017-11
157Influence   of Electron Beam Irradiation on Surface Roughness of Commercially AISI 5140   SteelMATER   TRANSSCI四区郭宁2017-11
158Selenium   Encapsulated into Metal–Organic Frameworks Derived N-Doped Porous Carbon   Polyhedrons as Cathode for Na–Se BatteriesACS   APPL MATER INTERSCI一区徐茂文2017-11
159Micro/nano   ductile-phases reinforced Fe-based bulk metallic glass matrix composite with   large plasticityMaterials   Science and Engineering: ASCI二区郭胜锋2017-11
160Vancomycin-conjugated   polythiophene for the detection and imaging of Gram-positive bacteriaJournal   of Materials Chemistry BSCI一区徐立群2017-11
161Nitrogen/sulfur-doping   of graphene with cysteine as a heteroatom source for oxygen reduction   electrocatalysisJ   COLLOID INTERF SCISCI二区胡卫华2017-11
162Silica   Nanoparticles as Adhesives for Biological Tissues? Re-Examining the Effect of   Particles Size, Particle Shape, and the Unexpected Role of BaseParticle   & Particle Systems CharacterizationSCI二区刘辉2017-11
163Analysis   of graphene-like activated carbon derived from rice straw for application in   supercapacitorChinese   Chemical LettersSCI四区包淑娟2017-11
164Shape-Controlled   Synthesis of Vanadium DiselenideNanotechnologySCI二区林华2017-11
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