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1The   yield asymmetry and precipitation behavior of pre-twinned ZK60 alloyMAT   SCI ENG A-STRUCT
2Effect   of the statistical nature of fiber strength on the predictability of tensile   properties of polymer composites reinforced with bamboo fibers: Comparison of   Linear- and Power-law Weibull modelsPOLYMERS-BASELSCI二区王放2016-01
3Statistics   on the fracture strength of bamboo fibesPOLYM   COMPOSITESCI三区王放2016-01
4Strengthening   and toughening of extruded magnesium alloy rods by combining pre-torsion   deformation with subsequent annealingMAT   SCI ENG A-STRUCT
5Effect   of Cu/Zn on microstructure and mechanical properties of extruded Mg–Sn alloysMATER   SCI TECH-LONDSCI四区宋波2016-01
6Engineering   of organic dyes for highly efficient p-type dye-sensitized solar cellsDyes   and PigmentsSCI一区朱琳娜2016-01
7Aspergillus   flavus Conidia-derived Carbon/Sulfur Composite as a Cathode Material for High   Performance Lithium−Sulfur BatterySCI   REP-UKSCI三区徐茂文2016-01
8Features   and stability analysis of non-Schwarzschild black hole in quadratic gravityJ   HIGH ENERGY PHYSSCI二区汪敏2016-01
9Phenothiazine-cyanine-functionalized   upconversion nanoparticles for LRET and colorimetric sensing of cyanide ions   in water samplesJournal   of photochemistry and photobiology A: ChemistrySCI三区朱琳娜2016-01
10Ionic   liquid functionalized carbon nanotubes:metal-free electrocatalyst for   hydrogen evolutionRSC   AdvancesSCI三区李天浩2016-01
11An   ultrasensitive aptasensor for detection of Ochratoxin A basedon shielding   effect-induced inhibition of fluorescence resonanceenergy transferSensors   and Actuators B: ChemicalSCI一区刘英帅2016-01
12Unique   Co-Catalytic Behavior of Protic Ionic Liquids as Multifunctional Electrolytes   for Water SplittingChemelectrochemSCI二区李天浩2016-01
13Electronic   and optical properties of surface hydrogenated armchair graphene nanoribbons:   a theoretical studyRSC   ADVSCI三区汪敏2016-01
14Biomass-Derived   Hierarchical Nanoporous Carbon with Rich Functional Groups for   Direct-Electron-Transfer-Based Glucose SensingchemelectrochemSCI二区李长明2016-01
15Monitoring   of TGF-β 1-Induced Human Lung Adenocarcinoma A549 Cells   Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transformation Process by Measuring Cell Adhesion   Force with a Microfluidic DeviceAPPL   BIOCHEM BIOTECHSCI三区余玲2016-01
16In   Situ Packaging FeFx into Sack-like Carbon Nanoreactors: A Smart Way To Make   Soluble Fluorides Applicable to Aqueous BatteriesACS   APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACESSCI一区蒋建2016-01
17Ultrathin   MnO2 nanosheets grown on fungal conidium-derived hollow carbon spheres as   supercapacitor electrodesRSC   ADVSCI三区鲁志松2016-01
18Enhancing   tensile strength of Cu by introducing gradient microstructures via a simple   torsion deformationMATER   DESIGNSCI一区郭宁2016-01
19Oriented   immobilization of proteins on solid supports for use in biosensors and   biochips: a reviewMicrochimica   ActaSCI二区刘英帅2016-01
20Electrodeposition   of nickel-phosphorus nanoparticles film as a Janus electrocatalyst for   electro-splitting of waterJournal   of power sourcesSCI一区李长明2016-01
21Thermal   reduction effects on one- and two-photon luminescence in graphene quantum   dotsMATER   LETT
22Bismuth   oxychloride ultrathin nanoplates as an anode material for sodium-ion   batteriesMaterials   LettersSCI二区徐茂文2016-01
23Stability   and electronic structure of MgAl2O4(111) surfaces:A first-principles studyComputational   Materials ScienceSCI三区程南璞2016-01
24Facile   and creative design of hierarchical vanadium oxides@graphene nanosheet   patternsRSC   ADVSCI三区陈久存2016-01
25A   detailed appraisal of the stress exponent used for characterizing creep   behavior in metallic glassesMAT   SCI ENG ASCI二区郭胜锋2016-01
26Tannic   acid anchored layer-by-layer covalent deposition of parasin I peptide for   antifouling and antimicrobial coatingsRSC   ADVSCI二区徐立群2016-01
27First-principles   study on the stability and electronic structure of Mg/ZrB2 interfaces中国科学
28Reduced   graphene oxide and Fe2(MoO4)3 composite for sodium-ion batteries cathode with   improved performanceJ   ALLOY COMPDSCI一区徐茂文2016-02
29New   energy and new power – the prospect of increasing use of polymers in fuel   cellsPlastics   Rubber and CompositesSCI四区聂明2016-02
30Hierarchical   Nafion Enhanced Carbon Aerogels for Sensing ApplicationsNANOSCALESCI一区翁博2016-02
31Facile   one-pot surfactant-free synthesis of uniform Pd6Co nanocrystals on 3D   graphene as an efficient electrocatalyst toward formic acid oxidationnanoscaleSCI一区李长明2016-02
32Facile   synthesis of nitrogen and sulfur co-doped carbon dots and application for   Fe(III) ions detection and cell imagingSensors   and Actuators B: CheminalSCI二区王斌2016-02
33Silk   fabric-based wearable thermoelectric generator for energy harvesting from the   human bodyApplied   EnergySCI一区鲁志松2016-02
34Electrocatalysis   of titanium suboxide-supported Pt-Tb towards formic acid electrooxidationInternational   journal of hydrogen energySCI二区李长明2016-02
35Tailoring   Unique Mesopores of Hierarchically Porous Structures for Fast Direct   Electrochemistry in Microbial Fuel CellsAdvanced   Energy MaterialsSCI一区李长明2016-02
36A   highly sensitive aptasensor for OTA detection based on hybridization chain   reaction and fluorescent perylene probeBiosensors   and BioelectronicsSCI一区王斌2016-02
37Self-assembled   CeO2 on carbon nanotubes supported Au nanoclusters as superior   electrocatalysts for glycerol oxidation reaction of fuel cellsElectrochimica   ActaSCI一区李长明2016-02
38Microstructural   changes of Zr702 induced by pulsed laser surface treatmentAPPL   SURF SCISCI一区郭宁2016-02
39Improved   electrical properties of SiO2-added BaTiO3 ceramics by microwave sinteringMATER   LETTSCI二区严岩2016-02
40Cinnamaldehyde   inhibits fungal growth and aflatoxin B1 biosynthesis by modulating the   oxidative stress response of Aspergillus flavusAppl   Microbiol BiotechnolSCI二区鲁志松2016-02
41Incorporation   of diketopyrrolopyrrole dye to improve photovoltaic performance of   P3HT:PC71BM based bulk heterojunction polymer solar cellsOrganic   ElectronicsSCI二区朱琳娜2016-02
42Electronic   and optical properties of surface-functionalized armchair graphene   nanoribbonsRSC   ADVSCI三区汪敏2016-02
43A   concentration gradient generator based on a paper-based microfluidic chip   coupled with cell culture microarray for high-throughput drug screeningBiomedical   MicrodevicesSCI二区薛鹏2016-02
44Electric   field-induced aging phase transformation in Al–Zn–Mg–Cu alloys: a   first-principles study3rd   International Conference on Mechatronics and Information Technology
45An   NIR Molecule-based “On-Off” Fluorescent and Colorimetric Sensor for Cyanide   AnionsChemistry   LettersSCI四区朱琳娜2016-02
46Label-Free   Detection of Chondroitin Sulphate Proteoglycan 4 by a Polyaniline/Graphene   Nanocomposite Functionalized Impedimetric ImmunosensorJ   NANOMATERSCI三区余玲2016-02
47Antifouling   Coatings via Tethering of Hyperbranched Polyglycerols on Biomimetic AnchorsIND   ENG CHEM RESSCI二区徐立群2016-02
48A   u P d P t WC / C 纳米复合催化剂在模拟海水溶液中的析氢性能功能材料
49LiNbO3   LiTaO3 晶体电子结构、平面声波和光折射特性无机材料学报SCI三区惠群2016-02
50Protein   immobilization and fluorescence quenching on polydopamine thin filmsJournal   of Colloid and Interface ScienceSCI三区胡卫华2016-03
51Dielectric   and piezoelectric properties of (1-x)Ba0.67Sr0.33TiO3–xBa0.9Ca0.1Ti0.9Zr0.1O3   ceramicsJ   SOL-GEL SCI TECHN
52Micromechanical   modelling of the progressive failure in unidirectional composites reinforced   with bamboo firesMECH   MATERSCI二区王放2016-03
53Polymer-Mediated   Self-Assembly of TiO2@Cu2O Core-Shell Nanowire Array for Highly Efficient   Photoelectrochemical Water OxidationACS   Appl Mater InterSCI一区李长明2016-03
54Voltammetric   determination of 4-chlorophenol using multiwall carbon nanotube/gold   nanoparticles nanocomposites modified glassy carbon electrodesRSC   ADVSCI三区鲁志松2016-03
55Urocanic   acid-modified chitosan nanoparticles can confer anti-inflammatory effect by   delivering CD98 siRNA to macrophagesColloids   and Surfaces B: BiointerfacesSCI二区肖波2016-03
56A   cost-effective microdevice bridges microfluidic and conventional in vitro   scratch / wound-healing assay for personalized therapy validationBIOCHIP   JSCI四区余玲2016-03
57Combining   complement fixation and luminol chemiluminescence for ultrasensitive   detection of avian influenza A rH7N9ANALYSTSCI二区余玲2016-03
58Electrical   properties and microstructures of (Zn and Nb) co-doped BaTiO3 ceramics   prepared by microwave sinteringCERAM   INTSCI二区严岩2016-03
59Synthesis   and characterization of novel carbon nanotube array supported Fe3C   nanocomposites with honeycomb structuresMATER   DESIGNSCI二区满玉红2016-03
60High   performance white-light-controlled resistance switching memory of an   Ag/a-Fe2O3/FTO thin filmRSC   ADVANCESSCI三区李长明2016-03
61Preparation   of starch nanoparticles via high- energy ball millingJournal   of Nano researchSCI四区林华2016-03
62Synthesis   and self-assembly of four-armed star copolymer based on poly(ethylene   brassylate) hydrophobic block as potential drug carriesJ   NANOPART RESSCI二区陈久存2016-03
63Correlation   between hardness and shear banding of metallic glasses under nanoindentationmater   sci eng aSCI二区郭胜锋2016-03
64Single-layer   MoS2 nanosheet grafted upconversion nanoparticles for near-infrared   fluorescence imaging-guided deep tissue cancer phototherapyNanoscaleSCI一区康跃军2016-03
65Co-delivery   of peptide-modified cisplatin and doxorubicin via mucoadhesive nanocapsules   for potential synergistic intravesical chemotherapy of non-muscle-invasive   bladder cancerEUR   J PHARM SCISCI二区徐立群2016-03
66Preparation   of well-defined fibrous hydrogels via electrospinning and in situ "click   chemistry"RSC   ADVSCI二区徐立群2016-03
67硅化锆(Z r S i )弹性及其各向异性研究西南大学学报. 自然科学版
68Versatile   Microfluidic Complement Fixation Test for Disease Biomarker DetectionANAL   CHIM ACTASCI二区余玲2016-04
69Oligonucleotide   length- and probe number-dependent assembly of gold nanoparticle on   triangular DNA origamiRSC   ADVSCI三区鲁志松2016-04
70Efficient   perovskite solar cell fabricated in ambient air using one-step spin-coatingRSC   AdvancesSCI三区宋群梁2016-04
71Investigation   of the AuPdPt-WC/C electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reactionJournal   of The Electrochemical SocietySCI二区聂明2016-04
72Analysis   of cobalt phosphide (CoP) nanorods designed for non-enzyme glucose detectionANALYSTSCI二区包淑娟2016-04
73Highly   efficient nuclear delivery of anti-cancer drugs using a bio-functionalized   reduced graphene oxidejournal   of colloid and interface scienceSCI三区李长明2016-04
74Iron   oxide/oxyhydroxide decorated graphene oxides for oxygen reduction reaction   catalysis: a comparison studyRSC   AdvancesSCI三区胡卫华2016-04
75Evolution   of microstructure and grain boundary character distribution of a tin bronze   annealed at different temperaturesMaterials   CharacterizationSCI三区郭宁2016-04
76Pyro-synthesis   of a nanostructured NaTi2(PO4)3/C with a novel lower voltage plateau for   rechargeable sodium-ion batteriesJournal   of Colloid and Interface scienceSCI三区徐茂文2016-04
77Controllably   self-assembled graphene-supported Au@Pt bimetallic nanodendrites as superior   electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation in direct methanol fuel cellsJournal   of materials chemistry ASCI一区袁伟永2016-04
78Linking   the thermal characteristics and mechanical properties of Fe-based bulk   metallic glassesjournal   of alloys and compoundsSCI一区郭胜锋2016-04
79Ni   foam supported three-dimensional vertically aligned and networked layered CoO   nanosheet/graphene hybrid array as a high-performance oxygen evolution   electrodeJournal   of Power SourcesSCI一区袁伟永2016-04
80Effect   of electric field on aging phase transformation in Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloys2nd   Annual International Conference on Advanced Material Engineering
81Patterning   of Metal Films on Arbitrary Substrates by Using Polydopamine as a   UV-Sensitive Catalytic Layer for Electroless DepositionLangmuirSCI二区胡卫华2016-04
82Effect   of Hexylthiophene and Hexyloxy Substituents on Triphenylamine-based DSSCs   after TiCl4 TreatmentChemistry   LettersSCI四区朱琳娜2016-04
83Enhanced   photovoltaic performance of ternary solar cells by doping a new squaraine   derivativeDYES   AND PIGMENTSSCI一区朱琳娜2016-04
84Enhancing   the photovoltaic performance of dye-sensitized solar cells by modifying TiO2   photoanodes with exfoliated graphene sheetsRSC   AdvancesSCI二区SAM,   ZHANGSHANYONG2016-04
85Elasticity,   hardness, and thermal properties of ZrBn (n¼1, 2, 12)Ceramics   InternationalSCI一区陈志谦2016-04
86Fast   Photodegradation of Malachite Green using Nano-ZnO on Ceramic MgAl Carbonate   Layered Double Hydroxides SupportCHINESE   J CHEM PHYS
87Effect   of nickel pre-plating on the plating of Zn-Ni alloy coating on stainless   steel substrate2nd   Annual International Conference on Advanced Material Engineering(AME 2016)
89Amine-terminated   ionic liquid functionalized carbon nanotubes for enhanced interfacial   electron transfer of Shewanella putrefaciens anode in microbial fuel cellsJ   POWER SOURCESSCI一区乔琰2016-05
90Imidazolium   Ionic Liquid Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes for Improved Interfacial Charge   Transfer and Simultaneous Determination of Dihydroxybenzene Isomers.MoleculesSCI三区乔琰2016-05
91Antifouling   coatings based on covalently cross-linked agarose film via thermal   azide-alkyne cycloadditionCOLLOID   SURFACE BSCI二区徐立群2016-05
92First   principles calculations of double metal amidoboranesMaterials   Science Forum
93On   the dynamic mechanical property and deformation mechanism of as-extruded   Mg-Sn-Ca alloys under tensionMaterials   Science and Engineering ASCI二区宋波2016-05
94Long-Term   Tracking Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation with Photostable Fluorescent   NanoparticlesACS   Applied Materials & InterfacesSCI一区康跃军2016-05
95Elasticity,   hardness, and thermal properties of ZrBn( n =1, 2, 12)Ceramics   InternationalSCI一区陈志谦2016-05
96Highly   poison-resistant Pt nanocrystals on 3D graphene toward efficient methanol   oxidationRSC   ADVSCI二区张连营2016-05
97Evaluation   of O3-type Na0.8Ni0.6Sb0.4O2 as cathode materials for sodium-ion batteriesJ   SOLID STATE ELECTRSCI三区徐茂文2016-05
98Sugar-Grafted   Cyclodextrin Nanocarrier as a "Trojan Horse" for Potentiating   Antibiotic ActivityPHARM   RES-DORDRSCI二区徐立群2016-05
99Hydrophobic-Sheath   Segregated Macromolecular Fluorophores:Colloidal Nanoparticles of   Polycaprolactone-Grafted Conjugated Polymers with Bright   Far-Red/Near-Infrared Emission for Biological ImagingBIOMACROMOLECULESSCI一区许志刚2016-05
100Modification   effect of calcium-magnesia phosphate fertilizer on microstructure and   mechanical properties of Mg2Si/Mg-4Si compositeChina   foundrySCI四区于文斌2016-05
101Electronicstructures,elasticandopticalproperties   of M2O5 (M = V, Nb, Ta)中国科学SCI二区陈志谦2016-05
102FeF3@Thin   Nickel Ammine Nitrate Matrix: Smart Configurations and Applications as   Superior Cathodes for Li-Ion BatteriesACS   APPL MATER INTERSCI一区蒋建2016-06
103Synthesis,   structure and upconversion luminescence of Yb3+, Ho3+ co-doped Gd3Al5O12   garnet phosphor prepared by the Pechini sol-gel methodRSC   AdvancesSCI二区唐剑锋2016-06
104Investigation   of microstructures of laser surface-treated Zr702 sheet using electron   channeling contrast imaging and electron backscatter diffraction techniquesSurface   & Coatings TechnologySCI三区郭宁2016-06
105Formation   of profuse <c+a> dislocations in deformed calcium-containing magnesium   alloysPhilosophical   Magazine LettersSCI四区宋波2016-06
106Functional   magnetic Prussian blue nanoparticles for enhanced gene transfection and   photothermal ablation of tumor cellsJournal   of Materials Chemistry BSCI一区薛鹏2016-06
107Detailed   investigation of a NaTi2(PO4)3 anode prepared by pyro-synthesis for Na-ion   batteriesRSC   ADV.SCI三区徐茂文2016-06
108Three-dimensional   nanotubes composed of carbon-anchored ultrathin MoS2 nanosheets with enhanced   lithium storagePhys.   Chem.Chem. PhysSCI二区徐茂文2016-06
109Effects   of ytterbium modification on microstructure and mechanical properties of   Mg-3Al-1Si magnesium alloyICCME15
110Enhancing   thermal conductivity of Mg-Sn alloy sheet by cold rolling and agingJournal   of Materials Engineering and PerformanceSCI四区宋波2016-06
111Regular   aligned porous waterborne polyurethanecomposite obtained by a directional   freeze-drying process2016   international conference on advanced materials science and enviromental   engineering
112Facile   and eco-friendly fabrication of Cu2O truncated octahedral crystallites with   enhanced antibacterial performance against Escherichia coli and   Staphylococcus aureusMICRO   NANO LETTSCI四区李庆2016-06
113Effect   of MoO3 constituents on the growth of MoS2 nanosheets by chemical vapor   depositionMaterials   Research ExpressSCI四区张永平2016-06
114Selenium   Embedded in Metal−Organic Framework Derived Hollow Hierarchical Porous Carbon   Spheres for Advanced Lithium−Selenium BatteriesACS   APPL MATER INTERSCI一区徐茂文2016-06
115Damping   Mechanism of SiC Particle Reinforced Al Matrix CompositesInternational   Symposium on Materials Application and Engineering (SMAE 2016)
116Effects   of Interfacial Features on Yield Strength of Particle Reinforced Metal Matrix   CompositesInternational   Symposium on Materials Application and Engineering (SMAE 2016)
117Effects   of Processing Parameters on Properties of SiCp/Al CompositesInternational   Symposium on Materials Application and Engineering (SMAE 2016)
118Evaluation   of reduced graphene oxide-supported NiSb2O6 nanocomposites for reversible   lithium storageCERAM   INTSCI一区徐茂文2016-06
119超硬材料 bc-BnCN(n=1, 2, 4)的弹性、硬度及其各向异性中国科学. 物理学, 力学, 天文学
121Combined   effect of isothermal annealing and pre-compression on mechanical properties   of Cu36Zr48Al8Ag8 bulk metallic glassT   NONFERR METAL SOCSCI四区郭胜锋2016-06
123Synthesis   of nitrogen and iron-containing carbon dots, and their application to   colorimetric and fluorometric determination of dopamineMicrochimica   ActaSCI二区王斌2016-07
124Tunable   upconversion luminescence from the phosphors of Yb3+, Tm3+ and Ho3+ tri-doped   Re2TeO6 (Re = La, Gd, and Lu)J   ALLOY COMPDSCI一区唐剑锋2016-07
125Microstructures   and mechanical properties of commercial hot-extruded copper processed by   torsion deformationAdvanced   Engineering MaterialsSCI三区郭宁2016-07
126Exploration   of a calcium–organic framework as an anode material for sodium-ion batteriesChem   Commun.SCI一区徐茂文2016-07
127Synthesis   of catechol and zwitterion-bifunctionalized poly(ethylene glycol) for the   construction of antifouling surfacesPOLYM   CHEM-UKSCI一区徐立群2016-07
128CoP   Nanoparticles in Situ Grown in Three-Dimensional Hierarchical Nanoporous   Carbons as Superior Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen EvolutionACS   Applied Materials & InterfacesSCI一区袁伟永2016-07
129Investigation   on a Dopant-free Hole Transport Material for Perovskite Solar CellsRSC   AdvancesSCI二区朱琳娜2016-07
130Scaling   Law of Exciton Properties in the Surface Hydrogenated Armchair Graphene   NanoribbonChemistryselect
131A   nest-like hierarchical porous V2O5 as a high-performance cathode material for   Li-ion batteriesCERAM   INTSCI一区徐茂文2016-07
132Effect   of Deep Cryogenic Pre-treatment for Substrates on Mechanical Property of DLC   Films2016   2nd International Conference on Advances in Energy,Environment and Chemical   Engineering(AEECE 2016)
134Elasticity   and Anisotropy of Titanium Oxide TixOyMATEC   Web of Conferences
135Phase   transitional behavior and electrical properties of (1 −   x)(K0.475Na0.48Li0.05)Nb0.95Sb0.05O3-xCaZrO3 lead-free ceramicsPhysics   Letters ASCI三区陈异2016-08
136Influence   of basal slip activity in twin lamellae on mechanical behavior of Mg alloysMaterials   LettersSCI二区宋波2016-08
137Nanocubic   KTi2(PO4)3 Electrodes for Potassium-Ion BatteriesChemical   CommunicationsSCI一区徐茂文2016-08
138Exploration   of K2Ti8O17 as an anode material for potassium-ion batteriesChem.   Commun.SCI一区徐茂文2016-08
139Selenium   Embedded in MOFs-derived Hollow Hierarchical Porous Carbon Spheres for   Advanced Lithium-selenium BatteriesACS   Appl. Mater.InterfacesSCI一区徐茂文2016-08
140Thiol   Reactive Maleimido-Containing Tannic Acid for the Bioinspired Surface   Anchoring and Post-Functionalization of Antifouling CoatingsACS   SUSTAIN CHEM ENGSCI一区徐立群2016-08
141Selective   removal of cationic dye from aqueous solution by low-cost adsorbent using   phytic acid modified wheat strawCOLLOID   SURFACE ASCI三区陈久存2016-08
142Biomimetic   anchors applied to the host-guest antifouling functionalization of titanium   substratesJ   COLLOID INTERF SCISCI二区徐立群2016-08
143Development   of a Composite Technique for Preconditioning of 41Cr4 Steel Used as Gear   Material: Examination of Its Microstructural Characteristics and PropertiesScience   and Technology of Nuclear InstallationsSCI四区郭宁2016-08
145An   efficient electrocatalyst derived from bamboo leaves toward oxygen reduction   reactionCHEMELECTROCHEMSCI二区张连营2016-08
146Cubic   KTi2(PO4)3 as electrode materials for sodium-ion batteriesJ   COLLOID INTERF SCI
147Inviestgation  of the behaviour resistive switching memory   based on MoSe2-doped ultralong Se microwiresApplied   Physics LettersSCI二区宋群梁2016-08
148Fabrication   of MnO@C-CNTs composite by CVD for enhanced performance of lithium ion   batteriesCERAM   INTSCI一区徐茂文2016-08
149Preparation   of thermoresponsive fluorescent carbon dots for cellular imagingPOLYMER   INTERNATIONALSCI三区陈久存2016-08
151Dependence   of Microstructure and Hardening Behavior on Torsion Strain and Strain Rate in   Extruded AZ31 RodsAdvanced   Engineering MaterialsSCI三区宋波2016-09
152Preparation   and characterization of Mg alloy rods with gradient microstructure by torsion   deformationMetals   and Materials InternationalSCI三区宋波2016-09
153PEG-based   hydrogels prepared by catalyst-free thiol–yne addition and their   post-antibacterial modificationBIOMATER   SCI-UKSCI二区徐立群2016-09
154Exploration   of Na7Fe4.5(P2O7)4 as a cathode material for sodium-ion batteriesJ   MATER CHEM ASCI一区徐茂文2016-09
155Electronic,   elastic, and optical properties of monolayer BC2NJournal   of Solid State ChemistrySCI三区陈志谦2016-09
156Bimetal-organic-frameworks-derived   yolk-shell-structured porous Co2P/ZnO@PC/CNTs hybrids for highly sensitive   non-enzymatic detection of superoxide anion released from living cellsCHEM   COMMUN
157Low   dielectric loss and enhanced tunable properties of donor-acceptor co-doped Ba   0.67 Sr 0.33 TiO 3 ceramicsJournal   of Materials Science-Materials in ElectronicsSCI三区徐尊平2016-09
158An   ultrasensitive colorimetric strategy for protein O-GlcNAcylation detection   via copper deposition-enabled nonenzymatic signal amplificationRSC   AdvancesSCI二区刘英帅2016-09
159Combination   Therapy for Ulcerative Colitis: Orally Targeted Nanoparticles Prevent Mucosal   Damage and Relieve InflammationTheranosticsSCI一区肖波2016-09
160Microstructure   and tensile behavior of small scale resistance spot welding of sandwich bulk   metallic glassesJ   NON-CRYST SOLIDSSCI二区郭胜锋2016-09
161Simultaneous   Transfer and Imaging of Latent Fingerprints Enabled by Interfacial Separation   of Polydopamine Thin FilmAnalytical   ChemistrySCI一区胡卫华2016-09
162Tuning   the structure of MoO3 nanoplates via MoS2 oxidationPHIL   MAG LETTSCI四区张永平2016-09
163In   situ synthesis and analytical investigation of porous Hb-Mn-3(PO4)(2) hybrid   nanosheets and their biosensor applicationsRSC   ADV
164Recent   advances in orally administered cell-specific nanotherapeutics for   inflammatory bowel diseaseWorld   Journal of GastroenterologySCI三区肖波2016-09
165Fabrication   and apatite inducing ability of different porous titaniastructures by PEO   treatmentMATER   SCI ENG CSCI二区饶席2016-09
166Synthesis   of porous Ce-doped titania coating containing CaTiO3 by MAOand its apatite   inducing abilitySURF   COAT TECHSCI三区饶席2016-09
167Effect   of dimethylamino substituent on tetraphenylethylene-based hole transport   material in perovskite solar cellsOrganic   ElectronicsSCI二区朱琳娜2016-10
168Ferric   ion-assisted in situ synthesis of silver nanoplates on polydopamine-coated   silkJ   COLLOID INTERF SCISCI二区鲁志松2016-10
169Revealing   a nucleophilic addition reaction between aza-BODIPY and cyanide anionTetrahedron   LettersSCI三区朱琳娜2016-10
170Impact   of alkyl chain length of 1,n-diiodoalkanes on PC71BM distribution in both   bulk and air surface of PTB7:PC71BM filmorganic   electronicsSCI二区宋群梁2016-10
171Layered   Na2Ti2O4(OH)2 and K2Ti2O2(OH)2 nanoarrays for Na/Li-ion intercation systems:   Effect of ion sizeJournal   of the electrochemical societySCI一区何洪2016-10
172A   membrane-free microfluidic microbial fuel cell for rapid characterization of   exoelectrogenic bacteriaMicrofluidics   and NanofluidicsSCI二区康跃军2016-10
173Fe-based   amorphous coating for corrosion protection of magnesium alloyMATER   DESIGNSCI二区郭胜锋2016-10
174A   facile route to synthesize WCeCo nanocomposite powders and properties of   sintered bulkJournal   of Alloys and compoundsSCI一区林华2016-10
175Platanus   hispanica-inspired design of Co-carbon nanotube frameworks through chemical   vapor deposition: a highly integrated hierarchical electrocatalyst for oxygen   reduction reactionsCHEM   COMMUN
176Aggregation-induced   Emission and Aggregation Promoted Photo-oxidation in Thiophene-substituted   Tetraphenylethylene DerivativeChemistry-An   Asia JournalSCI二区朱琳娜2016-10
177Fe3C   nanoparticle decorated Fe/N doped graphene for efficient oxygen reduction   reaction electrocatalysisJournal   of Power SourcesSCI一区胡卫华2016-10
178Diffuse   Phase Transitions and Giant Electrostrictive Coefficients in Lead-free   Fe3+-doped 0.5Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3-0.5(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3 Ferroelectric CeramicsACS   APPL MATER INTERSCI一区刘岗2016-10
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