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1Statistical   Analysis of the Progressive Failure Behavior for Fiber-Reinforced Polymer   Composites under Tensile LoadingPOLYMERS-BASELSCI二区王放2014-01
2Effect   of Cryogenic Treatment on Friction and Wear Property of DLC Film/304   Stainless Steeladvanced   materials research
3Dispersion   of P3HT gelation and its influence on the performance of bulk heterojunction   organic solar cells based on P3HT:PCBMSOL   ENERG MAT SOL CSCI一区宋群梁2014-01
4Enhancement   of Properties of Mn/Y Codoped Ba0.67Sr0.33TiO3 Films on Oxide Electrode by   Inserting a SrTiO3 Buffer LayerFERROELECTRICSSCI四区徐尊平2014-01
5DNA-Promoted   Ultrasmall Palladium Nanocrystals on Carbon Nanotubes: Towards Efficient   Formic Acid OxidationCHEMELECTROCHEMSCI四区李长明2014-01
6Amphiphilic   block copolymer micelles with fluorescence as nano-carriers for doxorubicin   deliveryRSC   ADVSCI三区陈久存2014-01
8Wholly   printed polypyrrole nanoparticle-based biosensors on flexible substrateJ   MATER CHEM BSCI一区翁博2014-02
9Directly   Grown K0.33WO3 Nanosheet Film Electrode for Fast Direct Electron Transfer of   ProteinCHEMELECTROCHEMSCI四区李长明2014-02
10Bi2S3   nanorods modified with Co(OH)(2) ultrathin nanosheets to significantly   improve its pseudocapacitance for high specific capacitanceRSC   ADVSCI三区李长明2014-02
11Use   of fractional factorial design for flash gap with wall lands in closed die   forgingMATER   RES INNOVSCI四区李路2014-03
12Vacuum-annealing-tailored   robust and flexible nanopore-structured γ-Fe2O3 film anodes for high capacity   and long life Na-ion batteriesRSC   ADVSCI三区李长明2014-03
13Influence   of various precipitate phases on tensile properties of an extruded Mg-Y-Nd   alloyMaterials   Science Forum
14Synthesis   and photovoltaic behavior of two new alternative donor-acceptor conjugated   copolymers containing isoindigo moietyPOLYM   ADVAN TECHNOLSCI三区李长明2014-03
15Portable   resistive pulse-activated lens-free cell imaging systemRSC   ADVSCI三区李长明2014-03
16Seed-assisted   synthesis of Co3O4@alpha-Fe2O3 core-shell nanoneedle arrays for lithium-ion   battery anode with high capacityRSC   ADVSCI三区李长明2014-03
17Protein   Covalently Conjugated SU-8 Surface for the Enhancement of Mesenchymal Stem   Cell Adhesion and ProliferationLANGMUIRSCI一区薛鹏2014-03
18Anodic   Titania Nanotubes Grown on Titanium Tubular ElectrodesLangmuirSCI二区SAM,   ZHANGSHANYONG2014-03
19Deformation   bands in fully pearlitic steel during wire drawing; Science China   Technological SciencesSCI   CHINA TECHNOL SCSCI四区郭宁2014-04
20Effects   of sintering temperature on the properties of donor-acceptor codoped   Ba0.67Sr0.33TiO3 ceramics for pyroelectric infrared detector applicationsCERAM   INTSCI二区徐尊平2014-04
21The   evolution of local mechanical properties of bulk metallic glasses caused by   structural inhomogeneityJ   ALLOY COMPDSCI二区郭胜锋2014-04
22Synthesis   and application of ultra-long Na0.44MnO2 submicron slabs as a cathode   material for Na-ion batteriesRSC   ADVSCI三区徐茂文2014-04
23Improving   the plasticity of bulk metallic glasses via pre-compression below the yield   stressMATER   SCI ENG ASCI二区郭胜锋2014-04
25A   generic in situ seed-mediated size-control method in the case of cuprous   oxide nanocubes and their antibacterial activitiesCRYSTENGCOMMSCI二区李庆2014-05
26Growth   and self-assembly of BaTiO3 nanocubes for resistive switching memory cellsjournal   of solid state chemistrySCI四区李长明2014-05
27Comparative   study of label-free electrochemical immunoassay on various gold   nanostructuresJ   APPL PHYSSCI三区李长明2014-05
28Enhanced   sampling of chemical and biochemical reactions with metadynamicsmolecular   simulationSCI四区郑绍辉2014-05
29Car–Parrinello   Molecular Dynamics+ Metadynamics Study of High-Temperature Methanol Oxidation   Reactions Using Generic Collective VariablesJournal   of Physical Chemistry CSCI二区郑绍辉2014-05
31Numerical   Simulation of the Extrusion Process with Feeder Plate DieAdvanced   Materials Research
34Tungsten   carbide promoted Au-Pd-Pt as methanol-tolerante lectrocatalysts for oxygen   reduction reactionmaterials   research innovations
35Electrodes/paper   sandwich devices for in situ sensing of hydrogen peroxide secretion from   cells growing in gels-in-paper 3 dimensional matrixANAL   METHODS-UKSCI三区余玲2014-06
36Superior   resistive switching behaviors of FeWO4 single-crystalline nanowires arrayCHEM   PHYS LETTSCI四区李长明2014-06
37One-Step   Fabrication of Unique Mesoporous NiO Hollow Sphere Film on FTO for   High-Performance P-Type Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsADV   MATER INTERFACESSCI四区李长明2014-06
38Self-assembled   hierarchical graphene/polyaniline hybrid aerogels forelectrochemical   capacitive energy storageELECTROCHIM   ACTASCI一区包淑娟2014-06
39Laser-induced   dry-fabrication of bibenzyl molecular layers on the silicon surfaceAPPLIED   SURFACE SCIENCE
40Anisotropies   of elasticity and thermal conductivity in some novel superhard materialsCOMP   MATER SCISCI三区陈志谦2014-06
41First-principles   calculations of elastic and thermo-physical properties of four intermetallic   phases in Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloysComputational   Materials ScienceSCI三区李春梅2014-06
42The   effect of CFRP length on the failure mode of strengthened concrete beamsPOLYMERS-BASELSCI二区王放2014-06
43Hydrogen   storage mechanism of Fe3O4 : A first-principles studyAdvanced   Materials Science/The 2014 International conference on Materials Science and   Engineering Technology
48Dislocation   density and configuration in fully pearlitic steel during wire drawingMATER   RES INNOVSCI四区郭宁2014-07
49Dielectric   properties of La/Zr codoped Ba0.67Sr0.33TiO3 ceramics prepared from   citrate–nitrate combustion derived powdersJ   MATER SCI-MATER ELSCI三区徐尊平2014-07
50MnO2-assisted   fabrication of PANI/MWCNTcomposite and its application as a supercapacitorRSC   ADVSCI三区包淑娟2014-07
51Microstructures   and mechanical properties of ZK60 alloy containing ScMATER   RES INNOVSCI四区刘婷婷2014-07
52Synthesis   and application of ultra-long Na0.44MnO2 submicron slabs as a cathode   material for Na-ion batteries.RSC   ADVSCI三区徐茂文2014-07
53Understanding   of variant selection and twin patterns in compressed Mg alloy sheets via   combined analysis of Schmid factor and strain compatibility factorMAT   SCI ENG A-STRUCTSCI二区宋波2014-07
56Three-dimensional   interconnected network of nanoporous CoP nanowires as an efficient hydrogen   evolution cathodePHYS   CHEM CHEM PHYSSCI二区李长明2014-08
57Construction   of one-dimensional nanostructures on graphene for efficient energy conversion   and storageENERG   ENVIRON SCISCI一区李长明2014-08
58Hierarchically   porous graphitic carbon nitride: large-scale facile synthesis and its   application toward photocatalytic dye degradationRSC   ADVSCI三区李长明2014-08
59A   high performance xylose microbial fuel cell enabled by Ochrobactrum sp. 575   cellsRSC   ADVSCI三区乔琰2014-08
60Tailoring   texture and refining grain of magnesium alloy by differential speed extrusion   processMAT   SCI ENG A-STRUCTSCI二区宋波2014-08
61Sensitive   detection of multiple mycotoxins by SPRi with gold nanoparticles as signal   amplification tagsJ   COLLOID INTERF SCISCI三区胡卫华2014-08
62Encapsulation   of nanoscale metal oxides into an ultra-thin Ni matrix for superior Li-ion   batteries: a versatile strategyNANOSCALESCI一区蒋建2014-08
63Reversible   Hydrophobic to Hydrophilic Transition in Graphene via Water Splitting Induced   by UV IrradiationScientific   reportsSCI二区李长明2014-08
64Effects   of Co substitution for Fe on the glass forming ability and properties of   Fe80P13C7 bulk metallic glassesINTERMETALLICSSCI三区郭胜锋2014-08
65Electronic   structures, elastic properties, and minimum thermal conductivities of cermet   M3AlNJ   SOLID STATE CHEMSCI四区陈志谦2014-08
68Effect   of Molybdenum Doping on Oxygen Permeation Properties and Chemical Stability   of SrCo0.8Fe0.2O3-dCHINESE   J CHEM PHYSSCI四区宋春林2014-08
69Synthesis   of trepang-like PbWO4 microcrystals by room temperaturesolution method and   study of their photocatalytic performanceGongneng   Cailiao/Journal of Functional Materials
70High-efficiency   inverted polymer solar cells controlled by the thickness|of polyethylenimine   ethoxylated (PEIE) interfacial layersPHYS   CHEM CHEM PHYSSCI二区宋群梁2014-09
71Template-assisted   synthesis of CoP nanotubes to efficiently catalyze hydrogen-evolving reactionJ   MATER CHEM ASCI一区李长明2014-09
72Interface   functionalization with polymer self-assembly to boost photovoltage of   Cu2O/ZnO nanowires solar cellsINT   J HYDROGEN ENERGSCI二区李长明2014-09
73Simulation   on Current Efficiency of Electrolytic Cleaning for cold rolled stripadvanced   materials Research
74Novel   layered crystalline organic polymer-inorganic hybrid material comprising   calcium phosphate with unique architectures for superior performance catalyst   supportDALTON   TSCI二区李长明2014-09
75Twinning   characteristic and variant selection in compression of a pre-side-rolled Mg   alloy sheetMAT   SCI ENG A-STRUCTSCI二区宋波2014-09
76A   series of crystalline organic polymer-inorganic hybrid material   zinc-phosphonate-phosphates synthesized in the presence of templates for   superior performance catalyst supportinorganic   chemistry communicationsSCI四区李长明2014-09
77Gold   nanoparticles decorated reduced graphene oxide for detecting the presence and   cellular release of nitric oxideELECTROCHIM   ACTASCI一区李长明2014-09
78Electric   field induced hydrogenation of silicenephysical   chemistry chemical physicsSCI二区李长明2014-09
79Polydopamine-Functionalization   of Graphene Oxide to Enable Dual Signal Amplification for Sensitive Surface   Plasmon Resonance Imaging Detection of Biomarkeranalytic   chemistrySCI二区李长明2014-09
80Anisotropy   of elasticity and minimum thermal conductivity of monocrystal M4AlC3 (M= Ti,   Zr, Hf)CHINESE   PHYS BSCI四区陈志谦2014-09
81Improvement   of formability and mechanical properties of magnesium alloys via   pre-twinning: A reviewMATER   DESIGNSCI二区宋波2014-10
82Yellow–green   upconversion photoluminescence in Yb3+, Ho3+ co-doped NaLa(MoO4)2 phosphorjournal   of alloys and compounds
83DNA-Templated   Biomimetic Enzyme Sheets on Carbon Nanotubes to Sensitively In Situ Detect   Superoxide Anions Released from CellsADV   FUNCT MATERSCI一区李长明2014-10
84Fe-based   bulk metallic glasses: Brittle or ductile?APPL   PHYS LETTSCI二区郭胜锋2014-10
85Involvement   of superoxide and nitric oxide in BRAFV600E inhibitor PLX4032-induced growth   inhibition of melanoma cellsINTEGR   BIOL-UKSCI二区余玲2014-10
86EBSD   analysis of {10–12} twinning activity in Mg–3Al–1Zn alloy during compressionMATER   CHARACTSCI三区郭宁2014-10
88A   new, facile method to prepare hybrid calcium   poly(styrene-phenylvinylphosphonate)-phosphate materials for a superior   performance catalyst supportRSC   ADVSCI三区李长明2014-11
89Interfacial   electron transfer of Shewanella putrefaciens enhanced by  nanoflaky nickel oxide array in microbial   fuel cellsJ   POWER SOURCESSCI一区乔琰2014-11
90Controlled   synthesis of FeP nanorod arrays as highly efficient hydrogen evolution   cathodeJ   MATER CHEM ASCI一区李长明2014-11
91Rheological   characterization and shape control in gel-casting of nano-sized zirconia   powdersCERAM   INTSCI二区刘岗2014-11
92Architecting   smart "umbrella" Bi2S3/rGO-modified TiO2 nanorod array structures   at the nanoscale for efficient photoelectrocatalysis under visible lightJ   MATER CHEM ASCI一区李长明2014-11
94Modified   Weibull distribution for analyzing the tensile strength of bamboo fibersPOLYMERS-BASELSCI二区王放2014-12
95Lamellar   BaTiO3 and its composites fabricated by the freeze casting techniqueJournal   of European Ceramic Society
96Fabrication   of CeO2 nanoparticle-modified silk for UV protection and antibacterial   applicationsJ   COLLOID INTERF SCISCI三区鲁志松2014-12
97Ultrahigh   strength MgZnCa eutectic alloy/Fe particle composites with excellent   plasticityMATER   LETTSCI二区郭胜锋2014-12
99Oxidative   Dehydrogenation of Alkanes using Oxygen-Permeable Membrane ReactorCHINESE   J CHEM PHYSSCI四区宋春林2014-12