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A=Applicant   I=Interviewer

Dialogue 1

I:  What is your salary at present?

A:  My present pay is 100,000 Yuan per year.

I:  What are your salary expectations now?

A:  I like to be paid more than that. Hopefully, 120,000Yuan per year.

I:  That`s a little more than we had planned.

A:  I think you`ll find I`m worth that.

I:  I can only offer you 110,000Yuan a year. Raises will be given after a three-month probation according to your performance. Is that satisfactory?

A:  Yes, it is quite reasonable.

I: 你现在的薪水是多少?

A: 每年10万元。

I: 你现在期望的薪水是多少?

A: 我希望能比原来的多些,希望是每年12万元。

I: 这比我们原来计划的多一些。

A: 我想你们会发现我是值得拿那个薪水的。

I: 我们只能每年支付你11万元,三个月的试用期后根据你的表现我们会为你加薪的,这样你满意吗?

A: 我很满意。


Dialogue 2

I:  What`s your expected salary?

A:  I expect to be paid according to my abilities.

I:  How do you feel about an annual salary of 100,000Yuan plus bonus.

A:  That`s a little less than I expected. But to me, the most important thing is the job and the people I will work with. Moreover, I am sure I will get a raise quickly depending on my background and experience.

I:  That sounds very reasonable.

A:  By the way, how long is my probation?

I:  Generally it is 6 months and during this period you are half-paid.

I: 你希望的薪酬是多少?

A: 我希望根据我的能力支付薪酬。

I: 你认为每年10万元外加奖金如何?

A: 这比我期望的少一些,但对我来说,最重要的是这个工作以及将和我一起工作的人。而且,凭借我的背景和经验,我很快就能得到加薪的。

I: 这样听起来很合理。

A: 顺便问一下,我的试用期多长?

I: 一般来说是6个月,这段期间你只能拿到工资的一半。


Dialogue 3

I:  How much do you expect to earn?

A:  I think salary is closely related to the responsibilities of the job. Shall we discuss my responsibilities with your company first?

I:  If you are hired, you are in charge of the design of toys that can meet the needs of the American market.

A:  I know it is a crucial position, but I can do it well. So I`m asking for 200,000Yuan a year as a starting salary.

I:  Ok.

I: 你希望挣多少钱?

A: 我觉得工资是与工作的责任紧密相关的,我们能不能先谈我在贵公司需要承担的责任?

I: 如果你被录用,你将负责满足美国市场要求的玩具设计工作。

A: 这是一个非常重要的职位,但我能做好,所以我要求一开始的年薪为20万元。

I: 好吧。






A=Applicant   I=Interviewer

Dialogue 1

I:  Do you have any questions you want to ask?

A:  Yes, I`d like to know if there would be any future opportunities for specific training.

I:  If necessary there will be. Any other questions?

A:  When will I know your decision?

I:  We`ll give you our decision in a few days. How can we get in touch with you?

A:  I can be reached at my office during work hours and at home in the evening. My office phone number and home phone number are in my resume.

I:  Thank you for your interest in our company.

A:  Thank you, sir. I expect to hear from you as soon as possible.

I:  Would you please let the next applicant come in on your way out?

A:  All right. Goodbye.

I: 你有什么问题要问吗?

A: 有,我想知道贵公司将来是否提供特殊培训的机会。

I: 如果需要的话,会有的,还有问题吗?

A: 我何时能知道最终结果呢?

I: 我们会在几天内通知你我们的最终决定,我们怎样才能和你取得联系呢?

A: 工作时间我在办公室,晚上我在家,你们都能找到我。我办公室和家里的电话号码都在我的简历里。

I: 非常感谢你来我们公司面试。

A: 谢谢你,先生。我期待着能尽快得到您的消息。

I: 你出去的时候能通知下一个应聘者进来吗?

A: 好的,再见。


Dialogue 2

I:  Well, that`s all for the interview. Thank you for your interest in this job.

A:  You are welcome. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to interview me.

I:  May I call you about our final decision?

A:  Yes, please. My telephone number is 2974-5328, and you can call me at any time in the daytime.

I:  We will get in touch with you by the end of next week.

A:  Great. I will look forward to hearing from you. And do I need the second interview?

I:  We`ll notify you if necessary. Goodbye.

A: Goodbye.

I: 好了,面试到此结束,非常感谢你来面试这份工作。

A: 不用谢。也非常感谢你在百忙中抽出时间来面试我。

I: 我可以打电话通知你我们的最终决定吗?

A: 当然可以了。我的电话号码是:2974-5328,白天任何时候都可以打电话给我。

I: 我们会在下周末之前联系你的。

A: 好的,我期待着你的消息。那我还需要第二次面试吗?

I: 如果有必要我们会通知你的,再见。

A: 再见。






A=Applicant   I=Interviewer

Dialogue 1

I:  Hello, BCD Company, can I help you?

A:  Hello, may I speak to Mrs Smith?

I:  This is Mrs Smith, may I have your name?

A:  This is Sun, and I interviewed with you yesterday.

I:  Hello, Mr. Sun.

A:  I am calling to thank you for giving me the interview for the Sales Manager position yesterday.

I:  You are welcome, Mr. Sun.

A:  I really enjoyed meeting with you.

I:  You certainly made a good impression on me, as well.

A:  I am very interested in this position.

I:  We`ll be making the decision by the end of this week and we`ll contact you as soon as possible.

A:  Well, thank you for your time and consideration again.

I:  You are welcome.

I: 你好,这里是BCD公司,您需要帮助吗?

A: 你好,我可以和史密斯女士通话吗?

I: 我就是史密斯,你叫什么?

A: 我是小孙,昨天和你面试过。

I: 你好,孙先生。

A: 昨天你给了我面试销售经理一职的机会,我特意打电话向你表示感谢。

I: 不用客气,孙先生。

A: 我非常高兴和您见面。

I: 你也给我留下了非常好的印象。

A: 我对这个职位非常感兴趣。

I: 我们会在本周末做出决定的,到时我们会和你尽快取得联系的。

A: 好的,再次感谢您的时间和考虑。

I: 不用客气。


Dialogue 2

A:  Hello, this is Sunlin. May I speak to Mrs Smith?

I:  This is Mrs Smith. Can I help you?

A:  I am calling to say thank you  for the interview yesterday.

I:  You are welcome. I am very impressed by your capability.

A:  Is there anything I should do?

I:  No, nothing. It`s thoughtful of you to call me again.

A:  Thank you. Please call me at any time if you have any questions.

I:  Ok, I will. Do you have any question?

A: No, thank you. Goodbye.

I:  Goodbye.

A: 你好,我是孙林。我可以和史密斯女士通话吗?

I: 我就是史密斯,需要什么帮助吗?

A: 我是为昨天的面试向您表示谢意的。

I: 不用客气,你的能力给我留下了深刻的印象。

A: 我还需要做些什么吗?

I: 不用,你能再次打来电话,已经想得很周到了。

A: 谢谢你,如果你有什么问题,请随时打电话给我。

I: 好的,我会的。还有问题吗?

A: 没有了,谢谢你,再见。

I: 再见。


Dialogue 3

A:  This is Sunlin. Is this Mrs Smith speaking?

I:  Yes, what can I do for you?

A:  I just want to call and say thank you for letting me interview yesterday.

I:  You are welcome, Mr. Sun.

A:  And I also want to know what the status is of the position.

I:  Sorry, we haven`t made the decision at all. But we should be making the decision by the end of this week. And we`ll get in touch with you once we make it.

A:  Do you have any questions we didn`t cover in the interview?

I:  No.

A:  Thank you, I am looking forward to hearing from you. Bye-bye.

I:  Thank you for the calling. Bye-bye.

A: 我是孙林,您是史密斯先生吗?

I: 是的,您有什么需要帮助的吗?

A: 我只是想打个电话对您昨天给予我面试机会表示感谢。

I: 孙先生,不用客气。

A: 我还想问一下目前这个职位的状况

I: 不好意思,我们还没有做出决定。但我们会在周末之前做出决定的,到时我们一做出决定就通知你。

A: 您还有上次我们面试时没有提到的问题要问吗?

I: 没有了。

A: 谢谢,我等待着您的消息。再见。

I: 再见。